Biden Turns Heads At Major Press Conference – Joe Swings His Own Closet Open Psaki Tries To Take Back Sanction Deterrence Claim

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has, like so many other crises, exposed Biden’s lack of leadership. Sleepy Joe seems unable or unwilling to deal with Putin properly. As a result, all of Europe could be in danger. In a speech this week, Biden tried to do damage control over his wimpy response before the invasion.

Yet he only caused more confusion as he contradicted himself and the administration.

From Fox News:

Biden on Thursday said that “no-one expected” sanctions imposed on Russia in response to its incursions into Ukraine to “prevent anything from happening” …

But Biden’s claim that the sanctions were not expected to prevent Russia’s actions was in stark contrast to past claims by the administration — including his own vice president.

“The purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence,” Vice President Kamala Harris said on Sunday, before the U.S. imposed sanctions.

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Biden said sanctions weren’t going to work… yet his response is more sanctions. Is this guy for real? He also appeared to contradict his own VP, who just a few days earlier claimed the sanctions were going to work.

And now, Biden’s main handler is trying to put out this new fire.

From YouTube:

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President Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said President Joe Biden didn’t mean the comment that “no one expected sanctions to prevent anything,” during the White House press briefing on 2/24/2022.

Why does Psaki stay in this job? She clearly isn’t good at it—and isn’t getting any support from her boss. She has the uncomfortable job of explaining the confusion, contradictory, and downright wrong things Joe Biden says. To her credit, she and her people work very hard to “handle” Joe—by keeping him out of the spotlight as much as they can.

But this week, she had to backtrack something Biden said, which undermined the entire administration’s response to Russia.

For weeks, Kamala Harris and other officials promised the weak and nearly nonexistent sanctions on a few Russian bank holdings was going to stop the power-hungry Putin from invading Ukraine. Obviously, the sanctions did nothing. To explain away his failure, Biden said that the sanctions were never supposed to stop the invasion.

Uh… Joe, you’re just digging yourself deeper.

Psaki then had to reverse again and say that’s not what Biden really meant. Hey, Jen? We all heard what he said. Biden was claiming his sanctions were never going to work. Ironically, his response to the deadly invasion that could plunge more countries into war were more sanctions.

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