Biden’s 2022 Election “Paydown” Slips Out – “As Soon As This Weekend,” Joe Considers Canceling $10K In Student Debt

We all know that Joe Biden is dragging down his party. Not that they are doing much to help.

The failed policies of the left will likely result in big losses for the 2022 midterms. But Joe has a plan.

Instead of fixing the many crises he created, he is hoping to bribe college graduates. But even then, it’s a petty gesture.

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From Zero Hedge:

As soon as this weekend, President Biden could announce a plan to cancel $10k in student debt per borrower, according to WaPo, citing three people with knowledge of the matter…

The plan would apply to Americans who earned less than $150k in the previous year or less than 300k for married couples filing jointly.

Once again, Biden is caving to the radical left—costing taxpayers billions. And, once again, this “help” is small and meaningless, but will still increase our deficit.

Biden is allegedly planning to announce student debt forgiveness in the amount of $10,000 (for people earning less than $150,000).

Most people have tens of thousands of dollars in debt to pay off. Even canceling $10,000, doesn’t get them close to wiping out their debt.

But that still amounts to billions the taxpayers shelled out, that they won’t be getting back.

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Most people have pointed out that student loan forgiveness is like “white collar welfare.” These people took on hefty loans, so they could earn these degrees.

So that, they could earn high salaries and pay off their debt over time.

Even Biden’s plan is ludicrous. People earning $150,000 a year or less will get this perk.

Um… how many blue-collar Americans earn even close to that much a year? Yet they were taxed so these college students could end up earning six figures.

Does that sit well with you? What about all the families struggling right now because of the rising costs of food, gas, and other necessities?

Biden created those crises and is doing nothing to end them. But he’s willing to add more to the deficit by canceling student debt?

All for what? To bamboozle a few voters into supporting the corrupt Democrats in the fall?

Newsflash, Joe: those people were probably already going to vote for the left, anyway. It’s the working classes you are losing, along with middle-class families.

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