Biden’s Afghanistan Gets Much Worse – The Taliban Just Started Dictating Terms Biden Team Could Leave Americans Behind

As impossible as it may seem, the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse.

Biden ignored the warnings of many experts to hastily withdraw our troops. In a matter of days, the Taliban took over the country.

It’s been a race to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies. And Biden can’t even do that.

The State Department refuses to protect Americans fleeing to the airport. And now, Biden’s military doesn’t even know if they will get everyone out alive.

From Daily Caller:

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin refused to commit to evacuating every American and Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holder from Afghanistan during a Sunday appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

Joe Biden hastily pulled our troops, without thinking about civilians. He rushed to send the military back to evacuate survivors, but there’s a big wrinkle.

The Taliban will not tolerate American forces sticking around beyond the end of this month.

From Fox News:

Taliban sources said the group is not willing to extend the Aug. 31 deadline for Western troops to exit the country just hours after President Biden said the U.S. could extend the deadline, according to a report.

The Taliban  has warned the U.S. that they will not accept any extension to the August 31 deadline to pull our troops.

This means Biden has little more than a week to get thousands of Americans and Afghan allies out of the country.

Just as the Taliban issued this warning, Biden’s administration refused to commit to getting everyone out.

Gee, if only Biden had bothered to think about all this before he made his decision?

For a long time, we’ve criticized the Biden administration for being incompetent, disorganized, and unprepared.

We’ve seen that on countless issues, from the border to the economy to COVID.

But this time, the entire world watches as an administration run by academics with little experience scrambles to fix the massive mistake they made.

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Thousands of lives are at stake, both stranded American citizens and vulnerable Afghans. The Taliban has made it clear they will not deal mercifully with either group.

Now a terror group is dictating terms with America.

And with every speech, with every statement, Biden shows he either has no idea what’s going on or simply does not care.

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