Biden’s America Has Failed & Hold On To Your Wallet Retailers Announce It’s About To Get Worse

Hold on to your wallet folks, Biden’s America has failed and retailers have announced it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

General Mills is reporting that inflation is causing them to have to raise prices to keep their margins.

The food company said that total cost inflation is expected to amount to about 7% of the company’s cost of goods.

General Mills adjusted the earnings per share has dropped to 91 cents from $1.10 a year.

From Breitbart:

General Mills saw adjusted earnings per share drop to 91 cents from $1.10 a year prior. Net organic sales declined six percent from a year ago as household purchases of food for home consumption were down from the early stages of the pandemic lockdowns. In addition, there was an additional week in last year’s equivalent quarter.

The company believes the sales will go down going into 2022 and things will calm.

“The company expects at-home food demand will decline year over year in fiscal 2022 across most of its core markets, though will remain above pre-pandemic levels,” General Mills said. “Away-from-home food demand is expected to continue to recover in fiscal 2022, though not fully to pre-pandemic levels.”

Buckle up everyone, you can already see where this is going to go.

Get ready to hear from the left that it’s not Biden causing inflation that’s making things worse, it’s the “greedy fat cats at the top” raising prices to maintain their wealth.

The left can say what they want but they can’t hide from the fact that before Biden was inaugurated there was absolutely no talk of inflation. The pandemic was rough but things were rolling along however things didn’t start to fall apart until Biden got into office.

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As Biden’s America continues to fail it won’t be long before he and his buddies in the media start blaming companies for his failures.


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