Biden’s Ancestral Closet Swings Wide Open – Genealogist Claims Joe’s Forefathers Were Slaveholders

Joe Biden is barely hanging on by a thread. Most Americans are turning on him after one failure followed by another. With each passing day, he loses ground with his own supporters.

And it’s possible they won’t like him much after this news breaks.

Biden is only surviving because he’s shifted from being a moderate to a “woke” leftist. That is a culture built around “social justice” and punishing people for the sins of the past. To cast everything in terms of race and focusing on our history of slavery.

What will the left say, when they learn Biden’s family owned slaves?

From The Hill:

A genealogist who has conducted a sweeping look into President Biden’s lineage says records show some of the Scranton, Pa., native’s ancestors on his father’s side owned enslaved people…

According to Bannerman, the 1800 census showed that Biden’s great-great-great-grandfather, Jesse Robinett, owned two enslaved people in Allegany County, and another great-great-great-grandfather, Thomas Randle, enslaved a 14-year-old boy in Baltimore County.

Ouch. I wonder how many leftists will turn on Joe Biden, after finding out his family owned people?

We’ve seen celebrities, politicians, and other figures taken down by cancel culture for much less. People’s entire lives have been ruined by a tweet some claimed was racist.

But two men have written an article claiming that Joe Biden’s family was part of the worst element of our nation’s history. Will the cancel culture mobs stay silent over this?

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Let’s face the facts. Many Americans owned slaves. It was a part of our history. If you look back on many families, you might find the same. Was it Biden’s fault? Of course, not. He might be old, but he wasn’t alive back then.

Rational, reasonable people won’t blame Joe for something that happened a long time ago. But the left is not made up of reasonable people. They thrive off of destroying lives over political correctness and fear.

Make no mistake, the liberal establishment will either ignore this or try to protect old Joe. But the rabid leftists in the party might not. I can already hear AOC screaming about this on her Twitch feed.

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