Biden’s Approval Rating Falls In New Poll As Majority See “Violent Crime” As A “Very Big Problem”

President Biden’s approval rating has fallen in a new Yahoo/YouGov poll.

This comes as an increasing number of Americans see “violent crime” as a “very big problem.”

Biden’s approval is down 4 points from late April to 50%, while his disapproval rate is 43%.

Per Yahoo “The survey of 1,592 U.S. adults, which was conducted from June 22 to 24, found that a significant majority (55 percent) now describe “violent crime” as a “very big problem” in the United States — far more than the share who checked that degree of concern for the coronavirus pandemic (36 percent), race relations (39 percent), the economy (41 percent) or political correctness (39 percent).”

“Even more striking is the fact that the number of Americans who consider violent crime a very big problem rose 6 percentage points over the last month, and Republicans (among whom the number increased from 56 to 65 percent) weren’t the only ones contributing to that increase,” the report continues.

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