Biden’s Border Boss Could Get Impeached Soon – GOP Memo Lays Out The Case For Removing DHS Secretary Mayorkas

In recent months, President Joe Biden has faced plenty of backlash. Nationwide inflation and growing concerns about the economy have caused Biden’s approval to take a significant tumble.

We’ve also seen renewed calls for using the 25th amendment to remove the President from power. Many Republican leaders believe Biden simply isn’t fit to be Commander-in-Chief.

However, another call for impeachment is circulating — and it involves one of Biden’s chief officers.

While the lingering pandemic and inflation continue to steal many headlines, the southern border situation is another problem for the administration.

Since President Biden rescinded his predecessor’s “Remain in Mexico” policy and stopped construction on the border wall, the migration issue has exploded.

According to most reports from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), the numbers of encounters and arrests have absolutely skyrocketed in 2021.

Many blame Biden for the crisis, but the man in charge of the border is also getting a lot of flak.

That’s why Republicans are now calling to impeach Homeland Security boss Alejandro Mayorkas. A memo that makes the case for removal is rapidly gaining traction, especially in Texas.

Via Fox News:

A detailed memo written by Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, which outlines the case for impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, has been circulated among Republican lawmakers from the Lone Star State and is picking up some support amid fierce GOP criticism over the Biden administration’s border strategy.

The memo is a 13-page document, and claims Mayorkas “has violated his oath by ignoring laws of the U.S.”

It also says the border chief accepted a “wide-open border,” with the goal of giving legal status “to as many illegal migrants as possible.” Many believe this is an ulterior motive for most Democrats.

Rep. Roy’s memo also says:

[Mayorkas] has failed to secure our borders and has endangered Americans in the process, and in so doing, has violated his oath to the Constitution, failing to defend it and failing to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.

This isn’t the first time a Republican leader has called for the removal of Mayorkas.

But this could be different, as the push is gaining more and more traction among GOP members in Texas. And of course, Texas is on the front lines of the seemingly out-of-control border battle.

Rep. Louie Gohmert believes the impeachment push is “appropriate.”

And in fact, both Mayorkas and Biden could be removed:

By inducing people to commit criminal acts against the laws of the United States, including coming into the U.S. illegally, Secretary Mayorkas as well as President Biden have committed a crime as a principal and it is absolutely sufficient to have both Mayorkas and the president impeached.

But with the president there’s a lot of other paragraphs that can be added as articles of impeachment as well.

Rep. Michael Cloud, also from Texas, added that in regards to the border, “the Biden Administration inherited a solution and created a crisis.” He also says “Border Czar Kamala Harris” has done nothing.


For his part, Mayorkas claims he’s trying to perform a balancing act.

He’s sworn to protect America but at the same time, he believes he has a humanitarian responsibility. And right now, these two goals are clashing and causing plenty of conflict.

But there’s no doubt about the border crisis. And if it continues to be a serious problem, lawmakers will continue to push for serious change.

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