Biden’s Dementia Signs! He Apologized For Repeating Got Confused And Repeated Himself!

Everyday new drama! Biden was at the climate conference with global elites; he unintentionally showed his dementia signs. No one could control that, so he apologized for repeating himself, got lost while speaking, and then repeated himself.

“As you keep hearing me say, and I apologize, building out our climate infrastructure can and should help drive a sustainable economic recovery. From the first meeting we had I, I apologize for the repetition. When I look at climate and dealing with climate change, and I see jobs. Good jobs. Economic development and movement, that’s what I see.”

And then, Biden repeated himself all over again.

“And finally, you keep hearing me say it, but uh uh um….” Biden said as he got extremely confused. “Building out the climate in in infrastructure should drive sustainable economic recovery.”

Watch the video below:

Biden’s journey overseas was a complete disaster, and I think we expected that. During the speech at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Biden fell asleep.

In the beginning, he closed his eyes and reopened them after a few seconds.

Take a look at the video below.

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