Joe Biden has given an entire country to radical Islamists who support terror and despise the United States. They control arms, money, the people, and the land. The leaders have fled. The media won’t call the game but it’s over. [UPDATES AT END OF POST]

Biden has lost Afghanistan. It’s over.

Journalists in Afghanistan are afraid for their lives today, as are Afghan citizens who worked as translators or performed other tasks in cooperation with American troops. The precipitous and bungled pull-out was a disaster, and troops have been sent back into the country to protect those who still remain and are in mortal danger. But even that isn’t going well.

Meanwhile the Taliban has taken control of every city in the country, including the capital of Kabul. The president of the country has fled and is, for all intents and purposes, deposed. The remaining members of the civilian government have already agreed to “negotiate” with the Taliban. Bagram air base, which housed American troops for years and currently has Afghan troops and a prison on site, has been surrendered. Most fortifications and weapons are surrendered. In the last hour, the Taliban has seized the presidential place. The country belongs to the Taliban, now again as it last did in 2001.

Psaki signaled this defeat of U.S. forces and the American objectives when she said last week that the Taliban needs to decide what will be their “role in the international community.”

Meanwhile clueless Joe was still trying to sell us on the idea he was doing a fine job.

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He wasn’t. This international humiliation and humanitarian and military DISASTER are on him. The lives lost are on HIM. The headline above says “PRESIDENT FLEES.” I leave it to you to decide if that refers to Ashraf Ghani or Joe Biden.

Joe Biden brought inflation and defeat in just 8 months of his presidency.

At least he can say he’s lived up to expectations.

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