Biden’s “Impeachable Offense” Lands In Washington – Chip Roy Claims The President And His DHS Boss Should Be Removed Over Border

For most of 2021, Republican leaders have questioned President Joe Biden’s leadership capabilities. They’ve been concerned about the President’s alleged cognitive ailments, and his decision-making.

But perhaps above all else, GOP representatives and right-wing citizens have been frustrated with Biden’s handling of the border crisis. Many say that in fact, he hasn’t handled it at all.

Now, a Texas Republican believes this is grounds for Biden’s removal.

Though the Biden administration was recently forced to bring back former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, it was a battle to get that reinstated.

And much of the year has seen massive increases in migration and unregistered individuals flooding across the southern border. Border agents have reportedly been completely overwhelmed.

Many officials even warned that the border was breaking in certain places, which got plenty of attention.

And Texas Rep. Chip Roy says Biden “knowingly” put Texas residents, and the entire country, in danger by refusing to address the crisis. Other southern states have accused Biden of the same thing.

Roy believes this is egregious enough to warrant impeachment. Via The Daily Wire:

Texas Rep. Chip Roy (R) claims that President Joe Biden has committed an “impeachable offense” in his handling of the illegal immigration crisis on the U.S. southern border.

Roy appeared on Fox News on Wednesday and slammed the president, accusing him of knowingly putting Texans at risk by refusing ‘to actually secure the border.’

The Texas lawmaker also argued that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas should be impeached as well.

This isn’t the first time a Republican has demanded the removal of both Biden and Mayorkas.

Ever since the numbers started to erupt earlier this year, the GOP has come down hard on the Biden administration’s lack of action. Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t seem to do much, either.

Essentially, Republicans are saying that Biden simply won’t do his job. Said Roy:

While this president refuses to do his job, unconstitutionally by the way, an impeachable offense to not faithfully execute the laws of the United States.

Texas is getting stuck because this president refuses to actually secure the border, endangering Texans’ lives and endangering migrants in the process. They know what they’re doing.

Roy added that for this same reason, Mayorkas should be impeached as well.

The GOP representative then said the DHS chief “basically lied to the American people” by telling the U.S. Senate he didn’t know “how many got-aways there were.”

Then he said that he believes “they don’t care” and that’s why both Biden and Mayorkas should be removed from power.

One of Biden’s first moves as Commander-in-Chief was to cancel Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which said that all asylum-seekers from Mexico must remain there while awaiting their hearing.

Not long after that happened, the border began to see gigantic waves of unregistered foreign travelers.

In August, the Supreme Court ordered the Biden administration to re-implement Trump’s rule. However, Biden appeared to drag his feet on this, and it was only officially re-instituted this week.

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Texas had actually filed a lawsuit against the President for failing to obey the Supreme Court’s order immediately after it came down.

But no matter what happens now, many claim the damage has already been done, and there should be consequences. Rep. Roy and others say the government should absolutely consider impeachment.

Many American citizens are frustrated and angry with the ongoing border crisis as well, and Biden’s approval numbers remain low.

All that being said, impeachment might be impossible — though that won’t stop the GOP and other lawmakers from pursuing it.

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