Biden’s Justice Department Targets Red State Voter Laws – Joe Goes After Proof Of Citizenship In Arizona

With the midterms fast approaching, Democrats are scrambling to save their failing chances. But are they doing this by winning over voters?

Are they trying to convince America they have their best interests in mind? Nope! They are just trying to make it easier for future elections to be undermined.

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From Reuters:

The U.S. Justice Department on Tuesday sued the state of Arizona to block a state law that requires voters to provide proof of citizenship for some federal elections…

Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich said he would fight the lawsuit.

“I will once again be in court defending Arizona against the lawlessness of the Biden administration,” he said in a statement.

Arizona, as you might remember, was embroiled in the 2020 Election controversy. Numerous problems led to delayed ballot counts.

And several counties were forced to conduct audits, leading to confusion and anger among voters.

The state passed a law to tighten up their elections. It would require voters to provide proof of citizenship to vote in federal elections.

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Seems reasonable, right? After all, only Americans should be allowed to vote in American elections. Right, Democrats?

All they would need is a passport or another easily acquirable document (for an American, at least).

Democrats are furious, claiming this violates the Civil Rights Act. Not by a longshot.

In reality, the left appears to be worried that non-citizens won’t be able to vote in future presidential elections in Arizona.

Arizona is a border state that has been hammered, along with Texas, by Biden’s open border. Countless border jumpers have invaded the state.

It’s not hard to see that lower voting standards could lead to rampant voter fraud. Anyone who cares about the integrity of our elections would support laws like this one.

Yet Biden’s DOJ is wasting time and resources to sue a state over a law. Sounds pretty insecure of Biden, doesn’t it?

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