Biden’s ‘Marxist’ Nominee Sent Packing – After GOP Turns Up The Heat Omarova Will Not Be America’s Next Currency Comptroller

President Joe Biden has made several controversial staff and government selections during his first year. But perhaps none has been more controversial than his nominee for U.S. Comptroller of Currency.

Biden initially tapped Saule Omarova, a Soviet Union-born candidate with alleged Marxist and Communist sympathies. Numerous reports showed ties to Russia, and her ideas seemed worrisome.

But her critics don’t have to worry anymore – Omarova won’t be America’s next Comptroller of Currency.

This isn’t because she wouldn’t get the position, but rather because she has opted to withdraw her name from consideration. In a statement, she said (via The Daily Wire):

I am writing to you today with a request to withdraw my candidacy from further consideration for the position of the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency.

It was a great honor and a true privilege to be nominated by President Biden to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency overseeing the U.S. national banking system.

Omarova didn’t explain exactly why she was withdrawing, but she did say that it was “no longer tenable for me to continue as a Presidential nominee.”

However, many will say this decision was influenced by a ton of backlash and criticism. She didn’t only face opposition from Republican leaders, either; several Democrat officials questioned Biden’s pick.

Senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), Jon Tester (D-MT), and Mark Kelly (D-AZ) are just a few left-wing politicians that were opposed to Omarova.

The evidence that Omarova was Marxist-friendly had continued to mount in recent months. And other problems cropped up as well, many of which were very concerning for D.C. politicos.

For example, when she was requested by the Senate Banking Committee to provide her thesis about Karl Marx, she refused.

There was also a disturbing report about Omarova getting arrested for shoplifting over $200 worth of clothes, shoes, and belts at a T.J. Maxx in Wisconsin in 1995.

In the end, it was her apparent ties to both Russia and China that forced many to oppose Omarova. She’s a fellow at a Chinese think tank, and she received a scholarship named for Vladimir Lenin.

All of this may have conspired against her, and caused her to withdraw her name.

It likely didn’t help her cause that a few months ago, it was reported that she said she wanted to “completely overhaul” the U.S. banking system. This prompted plenty of backlash on its own.

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Now, it’s not good news for President Joe Biden — it seems Washington as a whole has soundly rejected his pick.

Biden was quoted as saying that Omarova was a “staunch defender of the safety and soundness of our financial system.” But obviously, a lot of leaders and experts just didn’t agree with that assessment.

It’s another blow to the Biden administration’s reputation, and shows that more push-back might be coming if the President continues to make questionable decisions.

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