Biden’s Mental Decline Shows Up On Live TV – Joe Takes Turn For The Worse As He Slurs, Makes No Sense At Multiple Events

Numerous people, including medical professionals, have expressed deep concern for Biden’s mental health.

We’ve all seen the evidence that he’s not well. Yet his own party has ignored it, refusing to even prove he is fit.

But now, things are getting worse. And as we draw near to the midterms, Biden is breaking down.

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From YouTube:

President Joe Biden mumbled about the press in reaction to photos from the James Webb Space Telescope, during his White House event on 7/11/2022.

If you think that’s bad, it gets worse.

From YouTube:

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Joe Biden struggled with the teleprompter and said, “get ready, bal! You’re gonna in for a problem!,” during his remarks at the Democratic National Committee holiday celebration in Washington, District of Columbia on 12/14/2021.

The official White House transcripts will scrub all memory of these gaffes, but we have the videos to prove it.

During two different events, Biden stumbled over his words. During a NASA event, with plenty of reporters gathered, Biden mumbled incoherently about them.

Even listening to the audio a second time, we can’t make heads or tails of what he was saying.

But it was even worse when he was speaking to a group of Democrats at an event. He seems to be chiding Republicans, but what comes out of his mouth makes no sense.

It appeared he was reading from the teleprompter. But, as usual, his statement was confused and disjointed.

Doesn’t this concern anyone on the left? You can hear people cheering after the old man embarrasses himself.

Are they really so blind that they can’t admit Biden has a problem? At this point, isn’t it cruel to let him keep working?

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