Biden’s Old Russia Tweet Tumbles Out – Joe Actually Claimed Putin Didn’t Want Him To Be President

Right now, Russia is defying the world by invading Ukraine. Russian forces are raining down destruction on this sovereign nation, as people flee for their lives. Europe itself fears war, as does much of the world. Leaders are making be statements and promising action, but it does not seem that Putin scares.

Joe Biden claims the U.S. will take “swift action,” but that hasn’t stopped Russia’s ongoing efforts. Putin appears to be laughing at old Joe, as lives are at stake. And now, an old boastful tweet from Joe is coming back to haunt him.

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From Twitter:

Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why — it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him.

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Wow, what a joke. Back in 2020, Biden claimed that Putin didn’t want him to become president. He said that Putin doesn’t want to go toe-to-toe with the Democrat. Yet today, with Biden in the White House, Putin is invading another country. So, what happened Joe? You said Putin was afraid of you.

We all know what happened. Joe Biden showed weakness last month when he said we wouldn’t respond to a “minor incursion” by Russia into Ukraine. Many worried Joe gave Russia the green light to act. That must have been the case. Now, Russia is marching through Ukraine and Putin is warning about nuclear weapons. Putin has gotten so bold, that he is threatening the entire world.

Most patriots would have doubted Biden’s tweet from the start. But all those people who voted for him—are they opening up their eyes now? Biden did nothing to stop Russia from attacking and the entire world is at risk.

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