Biden’s Performance Report Reaches Low In 45 States – Joe’s Disapproval Is Now Higher Than His Approval Across The Country

During the first few months of Joe Biden’s term in the White House, his approval ratings typically hovered in the low-to-mid 50s, according to most polling.

However, it has been a steady decline since then and in recent weeks, the President is seeing the lowest job performance numbers yet. And they show no signs of recovery in most states.

In fact, the vast majority of the union now disapproves of Biden’s leadership so far.

Previous polls have put Biden’s approval rating as low as 36 percent, and Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly even lower. Both experienced a steep fall-off during the summer and fall.

Now, a CIVIQS approval survey shows that this trend affects just about every state in the country.

While it’s likely that Biden’s numbers would be better in Democrat-run states, this latest poll shows that even Blue states are souring on the President. And it’s likely that all Red states will continue to disapprove.

At this point, it feels like a blanket disapproval on all fronts — and it could cost the Democrat administration come 2022.

Via Breitbart:

President Joe Biden’s job approval numbers have continuously spiraled downward, showing the president underwater in 45 states, according to the CIVIQS rolling job approval average.

Forty-five states have the president with a higher job disapproval rate than approval, according to the CIVIQS rolling job approval poll, covering the president’s job approval on a rolling basis since his inauguration.

This is compared to only five states that show a higher approval rating for Biden.

The CIVIQS tracking model is a rolling average, so we can track how the approval/disapproval changes over the course of a year.

In this case, it’s nothing but bad news for Biden.

The 10-month rolling average for the President now sits at 54 percent disapproval and only 37 percent approval. 9 percent have “no opinion,” though that’s expect to change come election time.

Perhaps most telling is that one of the Democrat strongholds is actually starting to shift away from their left-wing leader.

California usually votes hard Blue in presidential elections and of course, Biden easily won the state in the 2020 election. However, it seems many Cali residents are having a change of heart.

Biden’s approval is only 45 percent in California now, with 43 percent disapproving.

That two-point gap might close and if it does, it would represent a historic shift. For the first time in a while, the majority of California would be against a Democrat President.

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The decline just keeps getting worse across the nation, too.

At the 9 month mark, Biden’s approval was underwater in 41 states; now it’s underwater in 45 states. And if this trend keeps up, there might not be a state left that actually approves of the President’s performance.

The economy is just the latest serious issue the Biden administration faces, and it’s having a clear impact on the polls.

If Americans keep feeling the crunch through the holidays, and Biden’s team keeps pushing their far-left agenda, those statistics might only worsen.

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