Biden’s Press Sec Psaki Admits Joe Plans To Fail – She Claims Some Americans In Afghanistan Could Be Left Behind

With Biden giving Afghanistan to terrorists, the crisis has shifted to evacuating Americans.

Reports have suggested that the administration is prioritizing Afghan refugees, not American citizens.

And with Biden caving to the Taliban’s August 31st deadline, time is running out to save our own.

Some reports say the military is getting around 350 Americans out a day. That’s not enough to get the reported thousands still stranded.

Now, the White House press secretary is making a very disturbing admission of failure.

From Daily Wire:

She later added that the evacuations would stop before the August 31 deadline so there was time to get U.S. forces out of the country…

Later during the press conference, Psaki appeared to suggest that some Americans could be left behind.

Wow, this is criminally unacceptable.

Jen Psaki claimed that “some” Americans could be left behind when Biden pulls our troops before August 31st.

Except, reports indicate that more than “some” Americans will be left. Thousands will most likely be stranded, thanks to Biden’s incompetence.

Biden ignored the advice and warnings of his own military to hastily withdraw our troops.

That led to a swift takeover of the country by the Taliban. Tens of thousands of Americans were stuck behind enemy lines.

Biden didn’t even consider prioritizing his own citizens. Now, he has less than a week to get them all out.

And even Psaki is admitting defeat.

As usual, the poor excuse for a press secretary was combative, even in denial that Americans will be trapped.

When pressed by the media, she demanded that “the media to forward her contact information of anyone who was in Afghanistan and having a hard time getting out.”

Which was her way of suggesting that there weren’t that many people left and she challenges the media to prove otherwise. (As if it was the media’s job to tell the government who was stranded.)

She then claims “some” Americans will be left behind if they don’t reach out for help.

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Yeah, because it’s so easy for Americans stuck in a war-torn country to email the State Department for help. Especially when the U.S. Embassy is gone and the State Department already said they were on their own.

Psaki’s smug, dismissive attitude would be cause for her firing. But let’s be honest, she is no worse than the rest of the criminals in this administration.

They left Afghanistan fall (so China could swoop in) and abandoned our people. Now, they try to dodge that reality and blame others.

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