Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Is On The Hot Seat – Ketanji’s Troubling Harvard Past Swings Open

Joe Biden is eager for you to forget all his failures (especially those in Europe) and to focus on his latest attempt to win over black voters. He has nominated woman of color, Ketanji Brown Jackson, to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, who retires at the end of this term. This move, critics say, is a ploy to win back supporters after his dismal 2021 and 2021. But it might not have been as brilliant of a move as it seems.

Republicans will not simply let this nomination sail through the Senate. They are sure to scrutinize Jackson, especially since her stances appear to be pro-criminal and anti-law and order. And it seems one of her dark secrets is coming to light. Because while in college, a group she was a member of hosted a controversial figure, sparking outrage and protests.

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From Fox News:

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was a member of the Black Students Association (BSA) her senior year at Harvard, according to her yearbook, when the Harvard BSA invited Leonard Jeffries, the controversial then-City University of New York professor of Black studies and Black studies department head, to speak.

Jeffries — the uncle of House Democratic Caucus chairman Hakeem Jeffries of New York — has been heavily criticized for his past anti-Semitic remarks, and the 1992 Harvard speaking engagement drew robust campus protests.

This isn’t great, folks. Jackson was a member of the Black Students Association while attending Harvard. During her senior year, her group welcomed Leonard Jeffries professor from City University to speak. Why was that such a problem? Jeffries was known for holding controversial and anti-Semitic views. That was so well known that a variety of liberal groups at the school held protests.

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How bad does a liberal group have to be to get protested by other liberal groups on a school campus? Even another professor blasted the move calling on black students to reject Jeffries’ “moral rot.” Jewish groups joined with the Gay-Straight Alliance and the College Democrats to protest Jeffries’ appearance.

Hmm… you’d think the BSA, of all groups, would have taken the hint? What does this say about Judge Jackson?

We can’t make any predictions about this, but this is certainly the kind of thing Senate Republicans are going to pounce on. This woman could become a member of the Supreme Court. But if she has connections to a noted anti-Semite—millions of Americans could be at risk. I doubt Jewish Americans would like someone who shared Jeffries’ views to be on the bench. So, does she?

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