Biden’s White House Is Falling Apart Around Him – His Own Staffers Are ‘Unappreciated’ And May Bail On Him

What is really going on in Biden’s White House? That’s a good question to ask. We’re not even sure if there is a White House, since he is so often seen in his fake, TV set office. But from what we are learning, this administration is a total mess.

We already knew that, given the kind of people running this administration. But more news is coming out, revealing what a mess Biden’s office is in. Because, according to new reports, plenty of staffers are eying a quick departure, at the start of the new year.

From Breitbart:

President Joe Biden’s staffers at the White House are eying the exits, citing dissatisfaction with the president and his staff’s leadership.

Politico’s West Wing Playbook reports several White House officials complaining of “low morale” while warning of “higher than usual turnover” in 2022…

Biden is also distant and invisible and some staffers have not even been able to visit the White House, with the reported problems mirroring those afflicting Vice President Kamala Harris and her staff.

Uh-oh, this isn’t good, no matter who you are. Reports are coming out that Biden’s office is as mismanaged and chaotic as Kamala Harris’s.

Now you know that’s really bad. Morale is sinking, even during the holidays. Biden administration staff aren’t even allowed to bring their loved ones to visit the White House and see the Christmas décor.

(Which, of course, makes you wonder where on earth are these people working if they are not in the White House?)

Biden’s aides are trying to muster up excitement among the staff with “happy hours and group dinners,” but even that’s not working. Yeah, no kidding. Just because you give them drinks and food doesn’t fix the major problems in their working environment.

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Some say the office is “insular.” That’s not good. It means the leadership isn’t bringing in the insight and advice of their staff. They are closed-minded and “top-heavy.” Higher-ups aren’t interested in what their employees are saying.

We shouldn’t be surprised to learn that many are running for the exits next year.

This might seem like a complicated problem with many people to blame. But the buck stops with Joe. He is the president, after all (from what people claim). He is supposed to set the tone, hire the right leaders and fire the wrong ones.

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