Biden’s White House Rocked By Report – His Media Press Corps Is Stacked 12-1 With Democrats

By now, most Americans are familiar with the antics of the White House press room. Former and current press secretaries stumble along as reporters offer softball questions.

Rarely do these reporters confront the administrator over issues like gas prices, the open border, the supply chain, inflation, or the baby formula shortage. It seems they’d rather ignore all of Biden’s failures.

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Now we know why.

From The Federalist:

Research for a new book out next week reveals an implicit bias present throughout the White House press corps: Reporters attending in-person briefings rank 12:1 Democrat to Republican…

“No matter how you cut it, the White House briefing room does not look, sound, or register to vote like America.”

In a figure that will surprise nobody, Ari Fleischer revealed that the White House press corps is made up of 12 Democrats and just one Republican.

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This dramatic imbalance explains why these reporters, with direct access to the White House, refuse to hold Biden accountable for his many failures.

Under Biden’s watch, America has suffered a dramatic downturn. Wages are down and prices are up. Gas prices continue to climb. The border is overrun with criminal aliens.

And we can’t even get baby formula on the shelves. All of this happened as a direct result of Biden’s mismanagement and incompetence.

But nobody meeting with his press team has the guts to challenge him on it, aside from Fox News’ Peter Doocy (who is largely hated and sometimes ignored by the press corps).

This is because of the obvious political bias of the room. These Democrats have no incentive to challenge Biden because it will only hurt his already terrible approval.

Instead of having a somewhat balanced room of reporters from various political persuasions (liberals, conservatives, independents, libertarians, etc.), Biden has stacked the deck in his favor.

How pathetic is that?

When Trump was president, he had no problem going toe-to-toe with the liberal media. He didn’t pack the room with MAGA Republicans.

What does it say about Biden, that he prioritizes people from his own party?

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