Biden’s White House Sent Spinning By Exodus – In 48 Hours Two Top Officials Abandon Biden Harris Both Communications Leaders

Last week, we learned all about an apparent feud between Biden and Harris’s offices. Biden was upset over Harris’s lack of performance. Harris hit back by claiming Biden hasn’t done enough to prop up his pathetic VP. This came as more devastating polls came out for both of them.

Things haven’t gotten any better since then. It seems the dysfunction being reported in both offices just might be real. Because, within just a few days of each other, two top leaders left Biden and Harris.

From Newsweek:

White House Communications Chief of Staff Emma Riley announced she’s leaving for the Labor Department on Friday, marking the second high-profile Biden administration resignation this week…

President Kamala Harris’ communications director, Ashley Etienne, will be leaving her role in December amid reports of tension between key West Wing aides in the vice president’s office.

Wow. Two top communications staffers announced they were leaving the administration just a few days after the other. This throws fuel on the fire that there is trouble brewing in both offices. And nothing the White House says can convince Americans otherwise.

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We shouldn’t be surprised a communication director is leaving Harris’s office. From all accounts, the VP’s office is in total disarray. We’ve been learning about that for a while. Why would any sane person want to deal with her press?

But it’s even more telling that a top communications chief is leaving the White House. Why would someone leave a presidential administration for a job at the Labor Department? She is going from working for the president to one of his lackeys.

That is not what we call “upward mobility.” It’s not even a lateral move. It is a demotion, no matter how you slice it. But she is choosing to travel around with the labor secretary, than stay working for Joe Biden.

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