Big Bird Gets Responses From Biden And Cruz – Joe Praises The Puppet While Cruz Triple Trends For Standing Up To Him

It’s pretty clear that this administration has failed to deliver on nearly every promise. Biden promised to declare “independence” from the 2020 crisis back in July. But today, he is trying numerous stunts to convince Americans to obey him.

He is even exploiting a beloved character to push his agenda.

From Breitbart:

President Joe Biden praised the fictional character Big Bird on Sunday for getting the coronavirus vaccine, as the administration begins a new push to get all children ages 5-11 vaccinated.

Uh… weird. If it wasn’t enough for Joe to jeopardize Americans’ jobs over his mandate, he is now trying to manipulate children as well.

Sen. Ted Cruz wasn’t convinced and fired back.

From KTRH:

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As Sen. Ted Cruz rightly pointed out, “Government propaganda…for your 5 year old!”.

He added, “Liberals are weird. They don’t care about open borders. Or rising inflation. Or schools covering up sexual assaults. Or the disaster of Afghanistan. Or tyrannical Dems violating medical privacy & freedom. But criticize Big Bird? And they lose their sh**.”

Ted Cruz struck back after Joe Biden praised Big Bird. He pointed out that this administration is ignoring major problems hammering our country. Yet Biden and Democrats are getting fired up over Big Bird and their far-left propaganda.

It seems Americans with even a shred of decency aren’t being taken in with this Big Bird stunt. Since when has a show like Sesame Street had the right to pressure orders on children? Is nothing safe from the left’s brainwashing? American parents might lose their jobs as their kids’ TV shows become as bad as than CNN.

Democrats really seem to think all these bully tactics will work. They criticized Trump over his work last year to deal with the crisis. This year, they are pushing Trump’s own solution, but can’t get Americans to bite.

Maybe it’s because for years they have demeaned, talked down, and insulted us? This tweet by Big Bird is yet another example of how Democrats think they can manipulate us and our children.

Other pundits were bashing Biden over his interactions with fictional characters.

No time to visit the Southern Border or to get stranded Americans out of Afghanistan but plenty of time to Tweet at an oversized Bird puppet.

Yet another big swing and a miss, Sleepy Joe.

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