Blackburn says Dems playing “a little bit of bad cop-good cop” on court packing

Appearing on Fox News, Senator Marsha Blackburn sounded off on Democrats pushing adding 4 Supreme Court Justices.

“Griff, what they’re I think what they’re doing is political convenience,” Blackburn said “They know that progressives want to see the court packed. They want to fill it with liberal justices so that they essentially have a super-legislative majority.”

“I think that they’re doing is they’re trying to play a little bit of bad cop-good cop,” she added. “We’ve seen this with other policies. Take, for instance, the Green New Deal. They had some that were on the far left, the progressives, go out and talk about doing a Green New Deal. Now they’re putting this into what is the so-called infrastructure bill where the majority of the bill, only 6% of the bill is for roads and bridges, and the majority is for other things, including provisions by the Green New Deal. They’re doing the same thing with court-packing…to say we’ve got this commission, and they’re saying, ‘Well, we’re going to push it a little bit,’ by saying, ‘Well, we’ve got a bill, and we’re ready to go with this.’”



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