Blue State Gives Biden an Unwelcome Jolt – After Joe’s Approval Tanks 2022 Democrat Candidates Ditch Joe in PA

President Joe Biden’s flagging approval ratings are catnip for Republicans anxious to get some momentum going for 2022. With the midterm elections coming up, America seems frustrated with this administration.

However, it isn’t only Republicans who are thinking about Biden’s numbers. Democrats are also concerned that it paints the party in a negative light.

Maybe that’s why some Democrat leaders seemingly want to avoid the President.

Biden intends to visit Mill 19 in Pittsburgh on Friday. Developed by Carnegie Mellon University on the grounds of a former steel mill, it’s a new technology HQ that’s equipped for the future.

The President is coming to town to talk about manufacturing and the difficult supply chains. He’ll also want to promote the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

As expected, POTUS will be joined by several high-ranking members of the Party, including Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb, who’s hoping to replace outgoing Republican Sen. Pat Toomey.

But it appears that some leftist politicos might want to avoid the President.

Some journalists and insiders have been suggesting that certain Democrats see Biden as “party poison,” and they’d rather not be associated with the administration’s very low approval numbers.

Via The Daily Wire (via the Associated Press):

However, Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and state Attorney General Josh Shapiro will not attend due to scheduling conflicts.

Fetterman is currently leading the Democratic Senate primary field, several polls have shown, while Shapiro will likely be the Democratic nominee for governor.

Now, they’re citing scheduling conflicts, but of course they wouldn’t say they’re avoiding the President.

Even so, these aren’t the first two Democrats to cite “scheduling conflicts” when Biden comes to town. Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams didn’t go to Biden’s Jan. 11 voting rights speech, for example.

Typically, when a President is faring well with the public, party leaders around the country try to use his popularity to their advantage.

But when the Commander-in-Chief is having a tough time, it stands to reason that party members want to steer clear for a while. And right now, Biden’s numbers aren’t attractive to Democrats.

The numbers are still dark for Biden, with some polling putting him as low as 36 percent (nationwide averages tend to sit in the low 40s).

And maybe Pennsylvania’s numbers are another reason Democrats from that state want to avoid Biden: according to an October 2021 poll, 32% of PA voters think Biden is doing a good job.

This represents a 12-point drop from where Biden stood in June.

So, with the President’s approval sinking so far in the traditionally blue state of Pennsylvania, it’s no surprise to see its political leaders cite “scheduling conflicts” to avoid Biden.

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