Boebert Introduces Bill To Censure Biden, Says “Biden’s Failure To Live Up To His Oath Must Be Punished”

Rep. Lauren Boebert held a press event where she announced her bill censuring Biden.

Boebert wrote “Biden hasn’t visited the border. His border czar is a disgrace. And his Secretary of Homeland Security lied, claiming the border is closed.”

“Biden’s failure to live up to his oath must be punished, which is why I led 23 of my colleagues introducing a bill censuring Biden,” she added.

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Boebert wrote in a separate tweet “I am leading the charge to censure Joe Biden for his complete dereliction of duty on our nation’s border crisis. If you won’t protect your nation, you are neglecting your sworn oath to protect and defend said nation.”

Boebert “President Biden passed the buck to Cackling Kamala when he tapped her as border czar…but it’s not funny.”


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