Border Union President Takes On Kamala Harris – He Claims The Vice-President’s Major Failure Is Her Border Policies

Right now, embattled “Vice President” Kamala Harris is trying to address her sinking approval numbers. She even sought the help of failed candidate Hillary Clinton. Her office claims Joe Biden and his staff haven’t offered enough support to “prop” up the first female VP.

And Harris says it’s the media’s fault because they are all sexist and racist.

But one man on the field has a different take. He seems to know why Harris is failing so badly. He even knows what her biggest failure is. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the media, Joe Biden, or “sexism.” It has everything to do with Harris herself.

From YouTube:

The president of the National Border Patrol Council joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the latest on the crisis at the southern border, citing overdose deaths and record-breaking migrant encounters.

The Border Patrol union head blasted Harris, saying her biggest failure was her “fix” of the border crisis. Early on, Joe Biden tapped Harris to deal with the hundreds of thousands of migrants rushing our open border. Harris could have visited the border to see the nightmare herself.

She could have gone to Biden and Congress and demanded action. She could have called on our government to reverse those policies that opened the border.

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Instead, she… uh… hang on a minute… let me double-check. Oh, she did nothing.

The closest thing Harris did to “fix” the crisis was give millions of our dollars to foreign nations. She claimed this would address the “root” cause of this rampant migration. But all she did was pay ransom money to nations that had no reason to stop sending people to our border.

Even when she claimed she would go see the border, all she did was visit a detention center miles away. After that, it was radio silence. We haven’t heard anything from her about this issue for nearly half a year. Meanwhile, over one million migrants jumped our border.

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