BREAKING: House Republicans Launch Effort To Probe Biden Family Business Ventures Amid Corruption Concerns

New report from Fox News ‘House Republicans on Wednesday launched an effort to probe the business ventures of President Biden’s family members, especially Hunter Biden’s newfound art career, and document how the Bidens have sought to “profit off the presidency.”‘

The House Oversight Republicans wrote in letters obtained first by Fox News “Reports regarding President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.’s family members attempting to profit from their proximity to the White House have been disturbing and recurring.”

“Unfortunately, these reports of President Biden using his former official positions of public trust to swell the coffers of his family members are widespread, and any hope the pattern of family self-dealing would finally stop when he assumed the presidency has been dashed,” the letters add.

Rep. James Comer tweeted “The Biden family is treating the White House as their own personal cash cow. Who would pay 500K for Hunter’s art if his last name wasn’t Biden?”

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