BREAKING: Justice Department Tells Treasury To Turn Over Trump’s Taxes To Democrat House Committee

It’s just breaking that the Justice Department has told the Treasury Department to turn over Trump’s taxes to the Democrat House Ways and Means Committee:

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But, it isn’t without a caveat according to this Buzzfeed reporter, that would give Trump a few days to stop this transfer in court:

Actual opinion is about 40 pages, but here’s the crucial part which Tillman posted above:

BREAKING: Justice Department tells Treasury to turn over Trump’s taxes to Democrat House committee

The short of it is the Justice Department tells the Executive Branch to assume the House Ways and Means committee has a legitimate legislative purpose for their request to see Trump’s taxes and thus to grant their request.

But what legitimate purpose can they have? Trump isn’t president anymore. He’s not even an official candidate yet for 2024. There is no legitimate purpose other than to sensationalize his taxes to try and destroy any chance he has in the future to be president. That’s the only reason for this request.

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