BREAKING: Senate Republicans Block Dems “For The People’s Act” Election Reform Bill

Senate Republicans have successfully blocked the Democrats “For the People’s Act” election reform bill using  the filibuster.

The “For the People’s Act” bill needed 60 votes to clear a procedural vote and not a single Republican Senator voted with Democrats.

All 50 Democrats voted to proceed.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wrote “The rotten inner workings of Democrats’ S.1 power grab have been thoroughly exposed to the light.”

“Whichever label Democrats slap on their bill, the substance remains the same,” he added.

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Per Fox News “Republicans took issue with imposing federal standards on state elections that they said would weaken state ID requirements. They also oppose starting a new public financing system for congressional elections and politicizing the Federal Elections Commission that enforces campaign finance laws.”

Even GOP moderate Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, seen by many as the Democrats best chance  for a Republican ally, said she couldn’t support the “partisan federal takeover of the election system.”


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