BREAKING: U.S. Federal Appeals Court Halts Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

On Saturday, a U.S. Federal Court of Appeals issued a temporary halt to Biden’s unconstitutional COVID-19 mandate on private employers.

The three-judge panel at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals granted the stay sought by multiple states challenging the Biden regime.

The court cited “grave statutory and constitutional issues” with Biden’s mandate.

Biden’s administration has until 5pm on 11/8/21 to respond to the ruling.

While it’s a major blow to medical tyranny, the battle to defeat these destructive mandates continues.

Emergency hearings will take place soon and Biden’s administration must prepare to face future lawsuits.

Here’s the latest:

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Liberty Justice Center shared additional info on this case:

Louisiana business owner, Brandon Trosclair and a group of workers from Texas have successfully halted the Biden Administration’s illegal vaccine mandate. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has just ruled the OSHA mandate cannot be enforced “(b)ecause the petitions give cause to believe there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the Mandate.”

Trosclair and six employees of CaptiveAire Systems are represented by the national law firm Liberty Justice Center and the Louisiana-based Pelican Institute for Public Policy.

Brandon Trosclair, who employs nearly 500 people across 15 grocery stores in Louisiana and Mississippi said, “This is an incredible first victory for all Americans that the Fifth Circuit so quickly realized that the Biden employer vaccine mandate would cause great harm to businesses like mine. As the legal process continues, I look forward to sharing more of my story. This stay is a great first step by the court.”

Patrick Hughes, president and co-founder of the Liberty Justice Center said, “The Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate represents the greatest government overreach of our generation and we are elated that the court recognizes the ‘grave danger’ it poses not only to our clients, but all Americans. We look forward to having our day in court to fight this unconstitutional edict.”

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