Briahna Joy Gray Says The White House Is Setting VP Harris Up To “Move Past Her”

Appearing on The Hill TV, Briahna Joy Gray argued the White House is “intentionally putting her in a position where they can have a plausible excuse to move past her. The article cites a possibility of moving her into a Supreme Court position in a way to promote her up and out of the way to make room for someone like Pete Buttgieg.”

“The people have not been that fond of Kamala Harris. She has historically low approval ratings for vice president especially considering she hasn’t done much of anything,” Gray explained.

Gray then said while the media “framed her as the next Barack Obama” in the 2020 presidential primary.

She argues this “might have worked against her because a lot of people woke up to the fact that representational politics doesn’t move the country forward in the way that people had hoped with Barack Obama.”


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