C-SPAN Survey Of Historians Ranks Lincoln Top President Of All Time Obama Top 10 Trump Near Bottom

A C-SPAN Survey of historians ranked Obama a top 10 President and Trump 41st, near the bottom.

Abraham Lincoln retained his position as the top President of all time.

Former President Donald Trump entered the ranks in the #41 position, the worst of any living President.

The historians also ranked Trump in last place (#44) for Moral Authority and Administrative Skills.

Of other recent Presidents ranked:

• Barack Obama rose to #10 from his #12 ranking in 2017;
• George W. Bush continued his steady incline, now ranking at #29, from #33 in 2017 and
#36 in 2009;
• Bill Clinton began at #21 in 2000 and held steady at #15 in 2009 and 2017 before declining this cycle to #19.

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Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith said “What stands out to me here is the stability. It’s interesting, particularly at the top and bottom of the list, how little significant movement there has been. By contrast, the living presidents seem much more likely to fluctuate. It’s almost as if there was a boomerang effect where historians go overboard a bit when presidents leave office and they are at the nadir of their partisan reputation, and then they graduate to a less political status.”


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