California Court Turns On Blue Democrats – They Just Used The Constitution To Strike Down Restriction On Freedom Of Speech

Democrats really know how to step in it, don’t they?

In the Socialist Republican of California, Democrats have tried to undermine American rights for years.

But more recently, they have gone to great lengths to protect their “woke” agenda.

One recent law required long-term care workers to use the “preferred” pronouns of residents. If they “misgendered” someone more than once, the law would punish these people.

The case was taken to the courts. And the courts stunned Cali Dems.

From Reason:

The court concluded the pronoun portion of the law was a content-based speech restriction…

“For purposes of the First Amendment, there is no difference between a law compelling an employee to utter a resident’s preferred pronoun and prohibiting an employee from uttering a pronoun the resident does not prefer….”

In a stunning rebuke to California lawmakers, the California Court of Appeals ruled their pronoun law was unconstitutional.

The state claimed that forcing workers to use the “right” pronouns for a resident was not infringing on the First Amendment. They claimed that the worker can simply choose not to speak.

But the court didn’t buy it. The First Amendment is very clear that laws cannot restrict or control what an American citizen says.

Because this law criminalized using the “wrong” pronoun, it trampled on these Americans’ rights.

This isn’t the first time Democrats have tried to use this issue, as well as others, to infringe on free speech.

They might not be able to pass laws controlling what you say. But they push the idea of “hate speech,” hoping Americans will be too scared to speak their minds.

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And don’t be fooled. The left will try to pass other laws that accomplish this. If not in care facilities, in schools, businesses, and elsewhere.

In a country where we enjoy freedom of expression, Democrats would have Americans self-censor themselves.

They won’t rest until they trample on all of our rights, in service of their woke agenda.

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