California Democrat Leader Abandons Newsom – Romero Just Gave Recall Endorsement To GOP Frontrunner Larry Elder

In just a few weeks, California voters will decide if Gov. Newsom should be fired. And things are really heating up.

Some claim there was no way that a Democrat could lose in the Socialist Republic of California. But they also said the recall effort would never succeed.

Larry Elder, a popular black conservative radio host, jumped into the race and changed the game.

Polls suggest the race is neck-and-neck. And now, a well-known Democrat is throwing another monkey wrench into Newsom’s chances.

From Daily Wire:

The former California Democrat Majority Leader, Gloria Romero, who served as Democratic Majority Leader in the state senate from 2001 until 2008, has endorsed GOP candidate Larry Elder for governor, saying in a video that California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom “shut our public schools while he sent his kids to private schools.”

“Yes: I’m a Democrat. But the recall of Newsom is not about political party.  It’s about Newsom. Larry Elder for governor.”

This is pretty huge. The former California Democrat Majority Leader has endorsed Republican Larry Elder for Governor of California.

Gloria Romero served in the state senate for seven years. She called out Gavin Newsom, particularly for his treatment of California public schools.

She blasted the governor for shutting down the schools during the lockdown but allowing his children to go to private schools.

The Democrat is backing Elder, saying this is not about politics, but about holding Newsom accountable.

She also voiced support for charter schools and school choice, something Republicans and most families strongly support—but is opposed by liberal teachers unions.

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This endorsement could send shockwaves through the recall race. Polls have Elder and Newsom nearly at a tie, with Newsom’s lose within the margin of error.

Many conservatives in the state are pulling out all the stops to get out the vote effort. And there are plenty of independent and liberal voters who blame Newsom for the state’s many problems.

For a notable Democrat to come out in support of a Republican is something we haven’t seen in… well, a very long time.

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