California Gets Sideswiped By Another Recall Threat – Petition Moves Forward To Remove San Francisco DA Boudin

Earlier this year, many California citizens moved to oust Governor Gavin Newsom via recall petition and election. This ultimately ended up falling shy, however, as Newsom easily avoided the recall.

However, now another top progressive leader is on the hot seat in the Golden State. And those seeking to get rid of him already have enough signatures on the recall petition.

If successful, his career could hit a serious roadblock.

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin is a progressive prosecutor, and thousands have been trying to remove him from office for much of 2021.

In fact, this is the second recall effort against him: the first didn’t manage to round up enough signatures, but the second is moving along at a much faster pace.

Now, with enough signatures, Boudin will have to face a recall election next year. And though Newsom didn’t fall in his election, it’s very possible that Boudin will have a tougher time hanging onto his spot.

Director of Elections John Arntz announced that the petition to remove Boudin “contains a sufficient number of valid signatures.”

This means the embattled DA will be forced to defend himself come 2022.

From Fox News:

As the first petition to recall Boudin failed to garner enough signatures to trigger a special election, news of a second recall effort against Boudin came in August.

Last month, prior to the certification of the petition, NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit reported ‘more than 83,000 signatures’ had already been submitted to force Boudin into a special election during the statewide primary election on June 7, 2022.

The Department reviewed 4,174 signatures, selected at random from the total 83,484 signatures collected.

This review showed that the petition had more than the minimum of 51,325 valid signatures, so it’s officially successful. This kicks off the second phase, which is a recall election next June.

Boudin has responded with a “Friends of Chesa” group that fights back against the recall.

They’re saying petitioners spent $1.4 million and used “shady tactics” to get the recall on the ballot. Spokesperson Julie Edwards said they’re “confident San Francisco voters will reject this Republican-funded and endorsed effort.”

But Boudin has been under fire for a while, primarily for “his lack of commitment to prosecuting crimes.”

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If he falls in the recall election, San Francisco Mayor London Breed will have to find a temporary replacement, until the city elects a new District Attorney in November.

Even if Boudin avoids the recall as Newsom did, this petition is more proof that many California residents aren’t happy with their leadership. And it’s obvious that thousands are pushing back.

This could hint at a seismic shift in the traditionally Democrat-dominated state in the future.

And if that happens, things could look very different come 2024, when the next presidential election begins.

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