California Gives Up Major Loss To Texas – Headquarters Officially Moved From Silicon Valley To Austin For Tesla

Over the last few years, even before 2020, we’ve talked about the mass exodus of souls from California. The Democrat supermajority in CA’s government has been driving Americans to look for greener pastures. And it’s not just individuals leaving the once Golden State. Businesses of all sizes have learned it’s much too costly to stay in California.

One high-profile company shook up the country when it announced it was ditching Silicon Valley. To the disgust of countless liberals, Tesla’s Elon Musk revealed he was picking up his stakes and moving to business-friendly Texas. And now, his company HQ is officially in the Lone Star State.

From NBC Austin:

Tesla says it has officially moved its corporate headquarters from Silicon Valley to a large factory under construction outside of Austin, Texas…

The filing said the relocation from Palo Alto, California, to what Tesla calls a “Gigafactory” on Harold Green Road near Austin was done on Wednesday.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, announced this week that his company’s headquarters are officially in Austin, TX. He had moved his company, which employs 70,000 people worldwide, from Palo Alto, CA. Musk had previously been critical of California’s leadership. He especially took issue with their inconsistent rules for returning to in-person work.

Musk is known for his outspoken opinions and willingness to buck the status quo. He has blasted far-left California over the years. He made waves when he announced he was moving some of his operations to California last year. But when he revealed he was moving his headquarters from CA, things really got crazy.

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Tesla’s move is just the latest sign that far-left states are not functioning well. Businesses, both large and small, can’t survive thanks to CA’s high taxes, regulations, and other burdens. And with each passing year, the governor and his cronies make it even harder for companies to turn a profit.

(Keep in mind the current “supply chain crisis” is due in part to California banning a large number of freight trucks from even entering the state.)

Don’t think Tesla will be the last big company to leave California. As Democrats continue to run states into the ground, businesses will have no choice. If the high taxes and cost of living don’t get them, the roving gangs of looters will.

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