California Police Makes “Purge” Admission – Officer Warns Americans They Should Not Visit The City Of Los Angeles

If you want to know what Democrats’ agenda is for the entire country, all you have to do is look at Democrat-run cities. Most blue cities have total Democrat dominance. Their most radical ideas are passed with full approval of mayors and city councils. And, big surprise, these are the worst places in America.

We saw all last year, how radical Democrats passed “defund the police” measures. What has happened since then? Take a guess. Once prosperous American cities are worse than third-world countries. And a top police official in Los Angeles is literally begging people not to visit the city.

From YouTube:

Los Angeles Police Department Officer tells people not to visit the Democrat-run city, he said “we can’t guarantee your safety…like the purge,” during a segment on KCBS (Los Angeles, California) on 12/07/2021.

An official from the LA Police Protective League sent a message to Americans, urging them not to visit Los Angeles. He said it will be especially dangerous during the holidays. The officer explained that the police can’t guarantee your safety, as crime rages unabated. He even compared it to the “Purge” movies.

Except at least in those movies, they only had a day to go crazy. In real life, Los Angeles criminals have free rein all year long.

How can this be? How can a major U.S. city just give up? It’s all thanks to the radical people they elected to run the city. These far-left Democrats have declared war on police officers. In addition to passing laws that reward criminals (like eliminating bail and releasing prisoners), they have slashed the LAPD’s budget, so that they lack the resources to enforce the law.

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In cities like LA, the cops are telling people not to even report crimes. Because the police can’t even investigate them. They lack the support of the city to stop crimes like robbery, break in’s, and even assault. No wonder the criminals are out of control.

Yet if you asked California Gov. Gavin Newsom, he’ll tell you crime is down! In fact, he claimed that Texas has higher crime than California. But that’s only because in Texas (where they enforce the law), people are actually reporting crimes, putting it on the record.

But people in LA have given up calling the cops because they won’t do anything about it. So, obviously, the crime data seems low. Gavin is deliberately tricking people, as crime rages.

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