California Pulls A Fast One On Joe Biden – The Democrat President Is Now Underwater In Latest Blue State Poll

Yeah, Joe Biden is failing as “president.” We’ve said that so much, we sound like a broken record. But what else is there to say about a man who appears unwilling to listen to the American public? Since last year, his approval has been tanking. Despite this, he continues with policies that turn Americans against him.

It’s undeniable now that the many crises hurting the country are Biden’s fault. He triggered inflation, a border crisis, a worker shortage, and a supply chain backlog. And that’s all for starters. Americans have been sounding off on their dissatisfaction with this “build back better” administration. Now, Biden has even lost blue California.


Polling firm CIVIQS asked Californians what they thought of Biden’s job as “president.” And in a painful reminder of his failures, more Californians disapprove than approve. The numbers are close, 45% to 43%, but if you look at the trend, Biden is in big trouble.

Just a few months ago, Biden’s CA approval was much higher than his disapproval. But over the last few months and into the new year, the numbers literally flipped. His approval steadily declined and his disapproval rose. Like most of the country, the major turning point was late Summer of 2021, when Biden lost Afghanistan and pushed his mandates.

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This is pretty bad for a Democrat president. California has long been considered a liberal stronghold. Its voters consistently vote for the most left-wing candidates in the country. They are so far left, they make Bernie Sanders blush. Yet not even these leftists can look at Biden and give him the thumbs up.

This only echoes what we are seeing all over the country. It’s not just red strongholds that are giving Biden a failing grade. A growing number of independents are turning on Biden, as they suffer from his sagging leadership. Now it looks like more and more Democrats are joining the party.

The question remains, though, what is Biden doing about this? No presidency can succeed with such sinking numbers. His party is getting into bigger and bigger trouble. November is not that far away. Democrats will have to fight against this sinking approval when they try to get reelected.

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