California Sanctuary City Goes Rogue On Democrats – It Just Decided To Become Its Own Constitutional Republic

Ever since last year, many believe Democrats have used the crisis to grab as much power as possible. Even today, as free states have dropped all mandates, Democrats continue to push strict rules that limit Americans’ freedoms. And it doesn’t seem like people are taking it anymore.

Many blue states have seen an exodus of citizens . Americans are fleeing to states that offer a better chance at life and success. But in some cases, there are those willing to fight where they are. That includes the California city of Oroville. Because they just declared their own kind of sanctuary.

From Fox News:

A city council in California overwhelmingly voted to declare the city a “Constitutional Republic City” to protect its citizens’ rights in light of federal and state mandates…

“In a way, we are acting as a sanctuary city for our citizens and their rights and freedoms protected by the U.S. and state constitutions,” he added. “Gavin Newsom modeled this type of declaration for us when he declared San Francisco a sanctuary city for what he believed to be overreach by the federal government against his citizens.”

The city council of Oroville, CA voted to make itself a “Constitutional Republic city” in defiance of California’s and Biden’s mandates. By doing so, they say they are making the city a “sanctuary” from mandates that are “overreaching” or “clearly violate” their rights.

The city pointed to Gavin Newsom himself when he was mayor of San Francisco. Back then, he called the city a “sanctuary” against policies enacted by then-President Donald Trump. So, if Newsom can do it back then, why can’t this city do it today?

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This might come as a surprise to Americans who live outside of California. But, truth be told, there are countless residents in CA who are getting sick and tired of their liberal government’s overreach. Some of them have opted to just leave. But others are willing to fight back to save their communities.

Since last year, we’ve heard of cities fighting state lockdown rules and other mandates. Some sheriffs have also vowed not to arrest anyone violating the governor’s extreme orders.

It’s unclear what could happen if California Democrats try to push back. Will they take this city to court? Will they try to cut off its state or federal funding? We’re not sure. But it doesn’t seem like these patriots are going to go down without a fight.

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