Candidate AOC Endorsed For NYC Mayor Finishes A Distant Second In Democratic Primary

Maya Wiley, a “defund the police” movement supporter who was proudly endorsed by NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a distant second in the in Democratic Mayoral primary.

Per The Hill “as of noon Wednesday, Adams, a former police captain, had roughly 32 percent of the vote in the multicandidate field, with civil rights lawyer Maya Wiley almost 10 percentage points behind him and former Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia a close third.”

The report says among the takeaways of the results is that Crime and public safety were huge issues.

Per The Hill:

Adams’s lead has one primary cause — his claim to be the best candidate to curb the city’s spiking violent crime rates.

Several polls in the closing stretch showed crime to be the top concern for voters. That’s hardly surprising given the city’s murder rate soared 45 percent in 2020. Homicides continue to rise; the latest figures show a 13 percent jump compared with the same period last year. 

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Adams served for more than 20 years in the New York Police Department and, before that, the city’s transit police. He has made a political virtue out of his disdain for the “defund the police” movement, casting it as an irresponsible cause advocated mainly by well-off white leftists.

He has frequently made the argument that working-class communities suffer the most when crime rates rise — and that those communities want to see smarter policing, not less of it.


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