Biden’s DOJ Takes Trump And Barr’s Side – They Just Requested Federal Judge To Drop Protester Lawsuit

You probably remember the endless damaging “protests” that took place last Summer. The left staged countless protests across the country that devolved into looting and destruction. Much of it took place in Washington, D.C.—where leftist-backed groups defaced property. They even tried to storm government buildings, […]

Judge Drops The Gavel On 2020 Election Case – He Dismisses Democrat Appeal Moves Audit Forward In Arizona

When the 2020 presidential election concluded, many Republican leaders – including then-President Donald Trump – suggested the voting process had been compromised. They claimed multiple examples of questionable voting in certain states, and said the mail-in ballot system just wasn’t reliable. Many of these claims […]

Republican Leader Hits Biden With “Impeachable” Offense – Rep. Roy Claims Joe Should Be Removed For Border Crisis

Joe Biden just can’t catch a break. If he’s not slurring his own pre-written speeches or tanking the economy with terrible decisions, people keep hounding him because of his failed leadership. The administration’s approval rating continues to plummet. Even liberal-leaning outlets are giving Biden a […]