Celebrity Doctor Joins The Red Republican Surge – In The 2022 Pennsylvania Senate Race Dr. Mehmet Oz Will Run

This year has been full of surprises. Few would have predicted that thanks to Joe Biden’s failures, a longtime blue state would have been flipped. Yet that happened after Republican Glenn Youngkin was elected governor of Virginia. More surprises came as Republicans gained ground in places like New Jersey and Seattle.

But next year is poised to be even more unpredictable. Polls reveal that Republicans are in a good position to retake Congress. Battleground states are being watched as Democrats retire and districts are redrawn. A red wave just might reshape the government and the state and federal levels.

And now, a well-known TV icon is throwing his hat in the ring… as a Republican!

From Fox News:

Well-known celebrity physician Mehmet Oz on Tuesday declared his candidacy for the Senate in Pennsylvania, joining a competitive Republican primary field in the crucial battleground state…

“Pennsylvania needs a conservative who will put America first, one who can reignite our divine spark, bravely fight for freedom, and tell it like it is. That’s why I’m running for Senate,” Oz said in a statement announcing his candidacy.

Much has been discussed about Republicans’ growing chances at retaking the House in 2022. But we are only recently seeing signs that they are in a good position at picking up numerous seats in the Senate. Key seats in Arizona, Georgia, and beyond are now vulnerable to flips. And one in Pennsylvania just got red hot.

That’s because Mehmet Oz, famously knowns as “Doctor Oz” just announced his candidacy for the Senate in Pennsylvania. But perhaps to the surprise of many, the TV star is running as a Republican. During his announcement, he vowed to be an American-first leader who will “bravely fight for freedom.”

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Oz had also criticized big-government Democrats, saying limited government is the only way to ensure Americans’ liberty. Oz joins a number of other Republican candidates who will primary for the nomination to replace Sen. Pat Toomey. But Oz has a clear advantage going into this race, given his name recognition.

Oz’s history with Pennsylvania goes back to his days as a student at the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton business school. The man is well-known for his medical expertise and his role as an “outsider” will be a huge advantage. Like other former TV show icons, Oz can leverage his “real world” experience over his rivals, who will most likely be career politicians.

This big news will no doubt shake Democrats’ confidence. They will need to pick up this Senate seat if they hope to hold onto a majority. But with a man as famous as Doctor Oz running with the GOP, the red wave just got stronger.

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