Chicago Police Dispatcher Turns On Lightfoot – He Just Claimed: “This Mayor Does Not Care About Officers Period”

Over the past few years, law enforcement has come under heavy scrutiny. Many Democrat leaders called for sweeping justice reforms as well.

“Defund the Police” started to gain plenty of traction in the political sphere, and police officers started quitting and retiring at record rates.

Now, these liberal policies are backfiring according to some authorities — and one Mayor especially faces heavy criticism.

Chicago is one of the most violent and dangerous cities in the nation, if the recent numbers are any indication.

And Mayor Lori Lightfoot now presides over an embattled metropolis, one that faces rising crime and other major issues: including lack of police.

In fact, things have gotten so bad that one Chicago police dispatcher ripped Lightfoot for being a “disgrace.”

Keith Thornton Jr. took to Facebook to vent about Lightfoot’s policies, and how disrespected city police have been in recent months.

Via The Daily Wire:

In a Facebook video posted late Thursday night last week, Thornton ripped Lightfoot for not caring about Chicago police officers and failing to protect Chicago residents, specifically in the 16th district of the city otherwise known as the Jefferson Park district.

The video quickly made waves across social media and mainstream media networks.

Thornton blasted Lightfoot, saying officers were scared because they have “no backing.” He added that the 16th District is extremely shorthanded right now:

And I’m going to tell you right now, 16th District is so shorthanded with officers that when you call 9-1-1, you’re not getting a quick response like many other parts of the city.

Officers are not coming to you. And why? Because they can’t be assigned cars to go to you because we have very few officers within these neighborhoods. And it’s nonsense.

Thornton’s harangue comes just after the Chicago Tribune released a report noting the increase in violence, and in areas that weren’t previously known for being dangerous.

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There has also been a more than 60 percent increase in homicides and shootings in the past 2 years.

Finally, Thornton slammed Mayor Lightfoot for appearing not to care about police officers, or first responders:

I’m hot about it because this mayor does not care about Chicago police officers, period. She doesn’t care about any first responders.

She does not care about the d*** city. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, Asian, Hispanic, other, straight, gay, Democrat, or Republican.

She don’t even care about her city workers. All that lady cares about is her f***ing self.

This is one of several outspoken critics who have come forward in 2021, condemning the Democrat-run city for the spiraling crime issue.

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