China Just Turned ON Its Artificial Sun

China has been happy to announce that it has reached a successful power up of its “artificial Sun” nuclear fusion for the very first time. That’s quite a great achievement for the country itself.

They call this “artificial Sun” the HL-2M Tokamak. It stands for China’s largest reactor and highly advanced nuclear fusion experimental research device. Scientists truly believe that this is an interesting thing to learn about since it has the potential and capacity to unlock a powerful clean energy source.

People’s Daily announcement

People’s Daily have announced that this creation is able to reach temperatures of over 150 million degrees Celsius. It is like 10 times hotter than the core of the Sun. That is so, because it uses powerful magnetic field. It is the only thing floating between 360 million degree plasma and different human made materials that can’t survive in that temperature. The plasma results from smashing various nuclei together, and instead of splitting them, it is rather fusing them. Therefore, it produces enormous heat and power, which is actually the main reason why scientists called it “artificial Sun”. China has been working on the development of nuclear fusion energy because they needed an improvement regarding China’s energy and national economy.

Anyways, this device is meant to be useful for the purposes of people working on the ITER. This is a really important project which shows us one more time that the technology around the world is changing swiftly. Thus who knows what will happen next and how this thing is going to change from now on.

Who knows…maybe this is just the beginning of something huge. Or maybe not much will come out of it. And it is possible that things like this will be really beneficial for us in the future. They could lead to great changes around the world. Even though some people are skeptical about this concept, there are many more scientists who support the project and are willing to wait for the final outcome.


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