CNN’s Push To FORCE Biden To FORCE YOU To Get Vaccine Is At FEVER Pitch Now Want To COMPEL Twice Weekly Blood Tests!!!

Yes, pun intended in that headline. But this is no laughing matter. CNN is integral to the Democrat party, and vice versa. And the CNN hosts, who are absolutely HIGH on their own stuff 24/7 and can’t stop smelling their own butts, are using their role as Biden administration officials to push for mandatory vaccines.

They’re pushing hard. Berman tried begging. Others have tried opining and editorializing. And now they are brining in the “doctors” on their pundit payroll to echo the on-air egos.

Here’s Leana Wen from earlier today.

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This follows Reimer from yesterday.

Mandate it or punish those who don’t comply with twice weekly COMPELLED BLOOD TESTS.


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