Congress Debt Limit Spins Out Of Control – In Political Move They Push Limit Past Midterms Add $2.5 Trillion

Democrats had a big problem looming. They wanted to spend like crazy, under Biden’s reckless agenda, but they first needed to raise the debt ceiling. You see, unlike individual Americans, Congress can just raise the amount of money they borrow. From the sheer size of our current debt, it doesn’t seem like Congress will ever pay it back.

(Wouldn’t that be nice, all of you who struggle with credit card debt?)

But they couldn’t raise the debt on their own. They needed Republican support. Donald Trump urged Republicans to use this opportunity to check Biden’s administration. Instead, Mitch McConnell rolled over. And now, Democrats are poised to spend like drunk teenagers on prom night, all the way into 2023.

From The Washington Examiner:

Senate Democrats will vote later Tuesday to lift the nation’s debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion, which should provide federal borrowing authority “into 2023,” well beyond the midterm elections.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, praised the deal, which came after weeks of partisan wrangling. A vote is expected on Tuesday.

Democrats will vote to give Congress an additional $2.5 trillion in credit, to ensure Biden’s toxic spending agenda won’t hit any snags. In celebrating this “victory,” Schumer had the gall to say this was “responsible governing.”

Really, Chuck? Extending the government’s credit, so it can burn through cash it doesn’t have is “responsible”? I guess this is opposite day, huh?

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Republicans had a golden opportunity to get something done for Americans. They could have used the debt ceiling as a way to get Democrats to agree to their own agenda. If Democrats wanted their help raising the ceiling, Republicans could have demanded all sorts of things. They could have gotten money to finish the wall, for crying out loud.

Instead, RINO Mitch handed whatever leverage he had to a greedy man like Schumer. And this makes it even easier for the left to pass Biden’s socialist takeover of our society.

I hope McConnell will be pleased when Biden puts millions of Americans on welfare, destroys our energy sector, and hands our nation over to border jumpers.

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