Congress Investigation Into Biden Called For – Midwest State Leaders Claim Joe Is Quietly Placing Foreign Minors “With Little Or No Notice”

Arguably the #1 issue facing the Biden administration is the southern border situation. Many border officials and state leaders claim it’s a national crisis, and it has spun out of control in recent months.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) encounters with foreign travelers have skyrocketed since February, and there are rumors of deplorable detention center conditions.

Now, Biden could face a formal investigation for another border-related problem.

Two Governors and a Senator are now challenging Congress to probe the Biden administration for making important moves — without informing anyone.

When it comes to lawful immigration, the government must keep state leaders apprised of their plans. If they intend to deliver foreign travelers, they should give officials advance notice.

But Indiana Sen. Todd Young says this isn’t happening. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee say the same thing.

That’s why Reynolds and Lee just sent a letter to to Congress to ask them to look into the Biden administration’s “stealth” operations with unaccompanied minors.

Via Washington Examiner:

The Biden administration is speeding up the placement of young illegal immigrants in cities around the nation with little or no notice to local officials, a ‘reckless’ result of the president’s bid to erase the border legacy of former President Donald Trump, according to a leading GOP critic.

Indiana Sen. Todd Young told Secrets that there has been a 45% surge in children that entered the United States unaccompanied by an adult being sent to the Hoosier State.

In one case, 19 were sent to Iowa and then put on a bus to other cities, including Fort Wayne, Indiana, to meet up with guardians.

Governors Reynolds and Lee say this has to stop.

They claim “these experiences sow seeds of mistrust in our communities” and also “subvert the will of the people for a secure border.”

As for Sen. Young, he has plenty of experience in these matters: he served on the border as a U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer.

Young saw what it was like during the border crisis under former President Bill Clinton, and he believes things are even worse now under Biden:

The administration’s only giving lip service to our border crisis.

They think that simply asking migrants not to illegally enter our country it’s sufficient when clearly it’s not, and the continued crippling influx at the border proves it’s not.

Young claims that evidence of this lip service can be found in Vice President Kamala Harris’ refusal to do anything about the border issue.

He believes the VP “should absolutely visit the border” because she would see first-hand just how bad things have gotten.

Young says that the number of foreigners crossing the border was actually higher in the ’90s under Clinton, but now it’s worse because of the sheer number of minors involved.

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This is why he and other Republicans claim it’s a huge humanitarian crisis — the cartels continue to push human trafficking, and this includes loading kids into vehicles and driving them to certain drop-off points.

He said it was like “observing clown cars” when they all drove up and dumped their load of unregistered individuals, many of which are children.

And now, the Biden admin might be quietly distributing these unaccompanied minors to various states and towns across the country, and without informing state officials.

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