Conservative Analyst Jed Babbin Explains Why He Grades Biden’s Week a “D”

New report form the Washington Examiner conservative analyst Jed Babbin was not very impressed with President Biden’s week and gave him a “D” grade.

Babbin cites – Biden’s support for Rep. Maxine Waters for U.S. Senate, continued problems the border, a Supreme Court ruling that was a major blow for Democrats, the failure of the “For the People’s Act” and the cancelling of fireworks at Mount Rushmore.

Babbin writes “As we go into the Fourth of July weekend, Biden doesn’t have a lot to celebrate. In the past week, he suffered two major defeats in the Supreme Court, the border crisis’s effect on drug smuggling became public, and Biden managed to endorse the outrageous California Rep. Maxine Waters for the U.S. Senate.”

“It’s hard to believe that even California, which has a consistent record of electing dingbats to the Senate, would promote “Kerosene Maxine” from the House, but the president said it should. Waters, whose racist and anti-law-and-order statements are legion, wouldn’t help his agenda pass the Senate,” he continues.

“The border crisis is still accelerating, and nothing is being done about it by Biden. Illegal immigrants are coming in at the rate of about 2.1 million per year, and drug smuggling (measured by the number of drugs being seized at the border) is soaring at similar rates. Methamphetamine smuggling, for example, other than through ports of entry is reportedly up 85% this year,” Babbin adds.

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Babbin then writes “The Supreme Court affirmed an Arizona election security law which, among the details of the decision, said that ballot harvesting is unconstitutional. This is a huge blow that makes one of the most important parts of the Democrats’ primary legislative priority, the so-called “For the People Act,” unconstitutional. In another decision, this one based on freedom of speech, the high court killed a California law requiring political foundations and other nonprofit groups to disclose their donor lists. There go liberals’ wishes to intimidate conservative donors.”


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