Constitution Poll Shows A Critical Problem In America – Almost 25% Of Democrats Say It’s “Not A Relevant Document”

Democrats have been quick to challenge the Supreme Court—and other parts of our government—when things don’t go their way.

Some have demanded court-packing and ending the filibuster to push a radical agenda.

And now, a staggering number of Democrats reveal they don’t even respect the very document on which our country was founded.

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From Washington Examiner:

Democrats are three times more likely to say the United States Constitution is “not a relevant document” than their Republican counterparts.

A new poll from Echelon Insights, conducted between July 15 and 18, found that 23% of Democratic-leaning respondents felt the document was no longer relevant, as opposed to only 6% of those who reported leaning Republican.

new poll from Echelon Insights reveals that most voters, 77%, believe the Constitution is “relevant” today.

That number jumps to 87% when looking at just Republican-leaning voters. But when you look just at Democrat-leaning voters, the numbers get much worse.

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How much worse? Well, a shocking 23% of liberal voters—almost a quarter—think the document is not relevant to the country today. For Democrats that’s more than 3X as likely as Republicans to say its not relevant. Are you kidding me?

That number is far and away larger than those who vote Republican (which stands at only 6% who think the Constitution isn’t relevant).

Such a large number is troubling when you consider how this will affect their support and votes.

If that many Democrats have little regard for the law of the land, they will have no problem voting for radicals who want to upend our Constitution.

Critical freedoms like free speech, religion, and the right to bear arms will be up for grabs. These Democrats won’t care if politicians advocate for censorship and other forms of tyranny.

And they won’t mind if Democrats destroy the filibuster to ruin our Supreme Court and other institutions.

And if this number is 23% today, it could get much worse in the coming years.

We can speculate on why this is the case.

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