Court Hands Swing State Republicans Major Victory – Redistricting Map Just Got Upheld In North Carolina

Democrats have a big problem going into November. With the 2020 Census in, state lawmakers can now redraw congressional maps across the country. This means that in many swing states, Republican-controlled legislatures will be responsible for deciding congressional districts. Democrats’ heavily-coveted gerrymandered districts will be going bye-bye.

But liberals in one state were not going down without a fight. They were determined to prevent the duly-elected state lawmakers from executing their jobs. They even dragged the state into court to prevent the new, more accurate congressional map from being used in this year’s election. Sadly, the court did not agree with them.

From Daily Caller:

A North Carolina court Tuesday upheld the state’s new congressional and state legislative lines, rejecting claims from Democratic groups that it was an unfair gerrymander giving Republicans in the state a big win…

North Carolina is gaining a 14th seat, and the new congressional lines could give Republicans an 11-3 advantage, up from the 8-5 split now.

Democrats tried to stop North Carolina’s new congressional map from being used in the upcoming elections. They tried to drag the state into court. It seems they are hoping they can force a congressional map that will give them an uneven advantage. Yet the court upheld the map, rejecting the left’s wild claims.

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It’s pretty ironic that Democrats, who’ve long used tricks to draw districts that benefit them, would accuse Republicans of gerrymandering. Democrats will often draw congressional districts around densely-populated city centers, knowing their candidates will get an upper hand. They carve up rural districts, preventing Republicans votes to win elections.

Yet, when Republicans in the state legislature come up with a new map that better reflects the Census data, Democrats throw a hissy fit. They haven’t just done that in North Carolina, but in Ohio, Texas, and Georgia. It seems when Democrats don’t have their way, they kick and scream like spoiled babies.

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