Cruz Sideswipes Biden’s Controversial Rule – Ted’s New Law Would Block Federal Mandates For Children

The debate continues to rage: how much power should the government have in regards to the populace’s health? Should there be federally mandated rules that apply to everyone?

Millions in America believe the government absolutely should not have too much power, and the Biden administration keeps pushing the envelope — especially for vaccine mandates.

But one southern Senator won’t take it lying down.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is one of many Republican leaders who have opposed Biden’s pademic-related mandates and rules from the start.

For example, many such leaders have proposed legislation to stop face mask mandates in several states around the country. And lots of employers and employees are battling against the edicts, too.

The latest issue involves parents and their children, and it’s already a very sensitive issue in terms of public education.

The Biden administration and many Democrats across the nation are in favor of vaccine mandates for children, in regards to schools. However, some parents say this is going too far.

And Cruz agrees. From Fox News:

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, introduced legislation Thursday to prevent the federal government, as well as public schools, from imposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates on children.

The legislation would bar any entity at the federal, state and local level that receives federal funding, including school districts, from requiring the vaccine for minors.

Sen. Cruz has pushed back against just about every federal mandate concerning the epidemic.

In this case, it’s more about parents and individual rights versus “Big Brother” dictating an individual’s health. That’s really the tipping point for many families today.

As Cruz said in a statement:

Parents should have the right to decide what is best for their children in consultation with their family doctor.

My view on the COVID-19 vaccine has remained clear: no mandates of any kind.

This is a commonly held sentiment these days, and many point to both the Constitution and medical evidence that runs counter to the government’s mandates.

For instance, Cruz claims the Biden administration has “repeatedly ignored medical privacy rights and personal liberty by pushing unlawful and burdensome vaccine mandates on American businesses.

He also says they’ve done with “without taking into account relative risk or the benefits of natural immunity.”

Cruz’s new legislation would bar the government from making any “decision related to child’s health,” and leaves that responsibility solely in the hands of parents.

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This comes hot on the heels of the CDC approving the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for children ages 5-11. The government was quick to start talking about mandates soon after.

But just as quickly came the pushback, led by Sen. Cruz and frustrated parents who see more and more state and government intervention.

This ties in with the ongoing debate concerning education, and what children are being taught in school today. Throw in the vaccine mandates, and it’s not surprising that parents are starting to stand up.

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